Today there are many companies available to install an air conditioning system but some may be more reliable than others and of course their fees may vary. That is why it is always best to review air conditioning installation companies prior to hiring one. It is also advisable that you decide which one you will hire, prior to you buying an air conditioning system as they can help you decide which one would be the best or your home. Often they will advise that if you only want air conditioning in one room, a split system is probably the best. As a split system has a condenser located outside which is connected to an indoor unit in the room you want to be air conditioned, it is very efficient. There are what are known as multi split systems and although they provide air conditioning to up to 5 rooms efficiently, they do require that you buy 5 individual indoor units, one for each room and that can be expensive. A ducted system does not require a separate unit in each room as all there is in the rooms with this system, are two grills, one for air to be supplied to the room and one to allow air to be taken from the room. Unfortunately though, ducted systems take up space and even with flexible ducts, they may not be appropriate for installing in smaller homes. What you should always bear in mind though is, regardless of which system you do choose, as bigger systems and units cost more to run, never get a system or unit bigger than is needed to cool the spaces you want cooled.

As all air conditioning systems work more efficiently when they are serviced properly, some people request the same company that installed their system, to return on a set date to carry out servicing. By doing this you can avoid having to pay for costly repairs. Another advantage of having your system professionally serviced regularly is, if a system does break down because of lack of servicing, it usually does so at the hottest time of the year and that is the time that the repair men are at their busiest. This means that for those people whose systems have broken, they will have to wait long, in the heat, before their system is repaired. Of course, like most things, there is a way around waiting too long but that will usually mean paying an over inflated price to get the system fixed promptly.

Once you have ensured that you have had a system installed which is no bigger than you needed and you have ensured that the system I serviced regularly, most systems are less expensive to operate than many of the scary stories you may hear. However, if you do not take care of the system, it could be you that features next in one of those scary stories. So, to recap, buy the smallest system that will do the job, review the company you use for installation and ensure the system is serviced regularly for the most efficient results.

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