Most people today like to carry a knife of one description or another, even in the city but what type of knife is most appropriate for them to carry? A description of many of the different types of knife available today can be seen at and so by visiting that website, you may be able to decide which type would be the most appropriate for you and your given situation. Usually, in an urban environment people will carry one type or other of what are known as pocket knives. Although all pocket knives, or most at least, are of similar size and have a blade that is concealed by its handle, there are several different types. Some people may consider one particular type more appropriate for a working environment and so have one which they always carry to work whilst having another which they carry the rest of the time. With some of these pocket knives, the blade can shoot at an angle, out of the handle and these are often referred to as flick knives whilst others whose blades come directly out, parallel to the handle are called out-the-front knives or an OTF knife. More commonly though the blade will have to be pulled out of the handle but it is usually a quick and easy thing to do, making the knife fully operational in as short a time as possible. Some pocket knives are referred to as everyday-carry knives or an EDC knife but basically this is just another name for a standard pocket knife although some manufacturers may claim that they are knives which have been especially designed to be more practical in more situations and are often marketed as being the knife a survivalist should carry. I don’t think that there is any one knife that is ideal for every given situation but a pocket knife will often suffice in most situations, perhaps with a little more effort needed though. Even in most kitchens there will be a knife for different purposes but among them will be a general purpose knife and that basically is what a pocket knife is, a general purpose knife, a knife that may not be ideal for what you need to do but will at least allow you to do the task you need to.
Although a pocket knife is useful in many situations in an urban setting, it perhaps is not as useful in the countryside, especially a wooded area. It can perform some of the tasks you may need yourself having to do but it will often be very labour intensive. For the outdoors lifestyle, there are other types of knife you would perhaps prefer to carry, such as a large survival knife however, even in a rural environment a pocket knife can have many uses and so although an outdoor person may carry a survival knife, most also carry a pocket knife as well as armed with both, they can handle most situations they may find themselves in.

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